Ruammit1 Halal Thai Restaurant Chiang Mai

Ruammit 1 Halal Thai Restaurant

Open Daily 10.00 am. - 10.00 pm.

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The Ruammit1 Restaurant 40 years of restaurant experience(Serves the Halal Food) and is located on 170/7 Changklan Road A. Muang Chiangmai. It is the most in the City of Chiangmai. We are pleased to offer you an affordable price from the THB 10-300 for tour groups of between 10-300 people.

Featured Menu

Fried Chicken with Thai Chili Sauce

Baked Duck (Shanghai Style)

Fried Beef with Garlic and Pepper

Fried Sour Beef with Egg

Steamed Fish with Tomato Sour

Braised Fish Head in Pot

Fried Fish with Cucumber

Fried Fish

Golden Fried Chicken Wonton

Cook Shrimp with powder

Egg Salad (Yunnan Style)

Fried Beef with Holy Basil