Why we are the best ?

Because we are Muslim family owned and the owner is in the restaurant all day, you are assured of getting the best quality food. He begins each day at the local markets to select the freshed items for that day. Nothing is carried over from the prior day. The owner supervised cooking of all the meals and is constout by doing taste tests to assure that you receive only the best food.

“ The restaurant was started by the owners wife's grandfather more than 40 years ago. Each generation has update the facilities and now provide you with a modern, and clean comfortable venue were you can enjoy excellent Thai food. In additin to fresh seafood the restartout also serves only halal beef and chicken and is certified by the Chiangmai Muslim association. You can check out the review published by Visual Chiang Mai Northern Thailand Magazine at their website.

cleanliness of the restaurant

To maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation, the owners has put in place staff training on proper cleaning methods for both the kitchen and dining areas. Each area is throughly clean on regular basis. The kitchen is designed to keep foods in the most hygienic conditions.


Ruammit I is a relaxed restaurant located on Chang Klan Road just south of the Night Bazar. Its 1st Floor is an open design with high ceilings that allow fresh breezed to circulate. The custard yellow color scheme accented with dark green bamboo provides one of the coziest dining locations in Chiang Mai. This family owned restaurant provides the relaxed atmosphere that has made Thailand famous. For large parties and groups there is a private, air condition room on the 2nd Floor to handle V.I.P. Group Tours.

Taste of food

To ensure you get authentic Thai Food, the owner uses the some recipies that were possed down to him from his wife's grandfather. These recipies remain unmodified to guarantee you a consistent, high quality meal on each visit.


Friendly service goes along with quality food. The owner has trained the staff to be prompt both in taking your order and delivery the food to your table. In addition, the staff maintain a meat personal appearance in their stylish orange and black uniform.For customers that might require it, there is a private prayers room available on the 3rd floor.